Uncover the mysterious production process of Yunnan Miao Gu

Release Date:Oct 25, 2022
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The mysterious Yunnan Miao Gu is a kind of creepy and very disgusting thing. The process of making the mysterious Yunnan Miao Gu shows the viciousness of the mysterious Yunnan Miao Gu. I will bring you the mysterious Yunnan Miao Gu raising process.

Gu is a witchcraft that uses poisonous insects to harm people.

It is an ancient, mysterious, and terrifying witchcraft that is mainly popular in southern China and among some ethnic minorities. Gu Poison, Gu Poison, but Gu Poison is different from Poison. Gu is alive, and poison is just medicine. Simply put: both are rejected by medicine. If you want a person to die quickly, use poison! If you want to make a person and their family suffer for a lifetime, use Gu!

The Miao people are a nation that is constantly being driven out or even wiped out, but they have never given up on life and their ancestors. Since 5,000 years ago, he has climbed mountains, waded through waters, and experienced countless hardships. He fled from the Chu State from the Central Plains to the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau and other parts of the world, looking for his hometown where the sun sets, raising ancient songs and myths with blood and tears. There is no resentment, the cliffs are used as homes, the terraced fields are built on the mountains, belief in all things, worship nature, worship ancestors, and thank the enemy.

When it comes to believing in all things, worshiping nature. Let everyone see something first: to be precise, it is an egg. It can breed something, and the monsters inside are ready to move under the irradiation of strong light.

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Mysterious Yunnan Miao Gu

Any mysterious Yunnan Miao Gu must be cultivated from the seedling stage, and of course, a cup must be selected so that strong individuals can be assigned. Please see, which one did I choose as a Gu. We will give priority to Gu seeds with body length and psychic ability, such as this: Nine leeches produce one Gu. This is what we say in this industry. It is easy to raise a Gu seed, but there are too few gu seeds.

For the mysterious Yunnan Miao Gu Cup Miao to strengthen their blood-sucking nature, they slaughter each other through a scramble for food in an environment of food shortage. This is the reason why nine leeches produce one Gu, do you understand? Only a few of the white-striped Gu species may survive. When the culling is completed, these cultivable cups must be fed the blood of the owner (that is, ourselves) to cultivate Gu.


Mysterious Yunnan Miao Gu

The first feeding cup worm is hungry and resolutely coils up. Although it doesn’t hurt, you can feel how big its appetite is, and your blood keeps flowing into its mouth. The speed of this process depends on Gu Miao, and the owner should wait patiently. Gu seedlings that are full of blood are plump and crystal clear, and they are the most suitable for cultivation. Cultivate until it takes shape, and once it takes shape, cast it again. You can’t live without asking for death. That’s how it came!

The wound that is sucked by Gu Miao will bleed continuously, and the bleeding time is equal to the time of sucking, and then the wound will automatically stop bleeding and heal. The more the appetite of the Gu species, the more blood essence you will consume. Like this one is adult Gu, but it can’t be played yet, it can only be used for reproduction.

Our blood essence can’t be enough for the Gu seeds to eat, what should we do? This is enough to feed them.


Of course, these mysterious Yunnan Miao Gu Gu species were selected and consumed a lot. When these Gu species mature, they will grow into Gu worms, and their lethality will be revealed at that time. That’s it, batch feeding, hundreds of thousands are poured in. In the end, all those who survive are big killers! The blood pool above is used up, and we use the bottom container to hold the remaining blood, which can be fed repeatedly until it takes shape and becomes a monster!

Many people ask me what is the use of this. To put it simply: the first medicine, the second blood-sucking, and the third are also the most effective: making Gu! As for who it is used for, it is hard to say, it depends on the master!

Now we have a skull craft about Yunnan Miao Gu, please check the relevant information here.

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