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Release Date:Oct 22, 2022
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Shri Chitipati sandocow

What is the “Shmashana“?

Tibetan Buddhism is a tradition of Buddhism that originated in the Tibetan region and played an important role in Tibetan history. Tibetan Buddhism is distinct from other forms of Buddhism in that it incorporates many features of Tibetan Buddhism, such as Tibetan language scriptures, Tibetan traditional ceremonies, and art.

The core doctrine of Tibetan Buddhism is the enlightenment of Buddha-nature, which is achieved through inner awakening to achieve liberation. This goal can be achieved through the study of scriptures, meditation, rituals, and practice. Tibetan Buddhism also emphasizes the bodhi tree (the path to enlightenment) and reincarnation, which is the belief that one can transcend the cycle of reincarnation through enlightenment.

Notable practices of Tibetan Buddhism include meditation, reading scriptures, practicing, and upholding. Tibetan Buddhism is also known as Tibetan Buddhism and has a wide following in Tibet and regions where Tibetan culture has a profound influence.

Tibetan Buddhism is a religion rich in depth and richness, playing an important role in Tibetan culture. Although it has been influenced by Western culture in modern times, it still maintains its unique traditions and culture.

Shmashana (Sanskrit: श ी त व न, Rome: Ś and tavana; Tibetan: བ ས ི ལ ་ བ འ ི ་ ཚ ལ ་)

Shmashana, a Sanskrit transliteration, actually means graveyard or mass grave. It is also a burial place for monks. Many ancient Buddhist masters have practiced ascetics in Shmashana because, in this place, one can quickly realize impermanence and the four Para mas of “suffering, emptiness, impermanence and no self”.

It originated with the Shri Chitipati.

Who is “Shri Chitipati“?

Shri Chitipati sandocow

Skeletons originated from the Tantric sect of Tibetan Buddhism, the Master of the corpse. (Shri Chitipati

If you know something about Tibetan culture, you must have heard of the Tibetan sky burial, and the Shri Chitipati is the guardian spirit of the Tibetan sky burial, which has the magic power to cross over the dead.

At first glance, the Shri Chitipati, is extremely eerie, two complete skeletons without flesh.

What’s the point of the skeleton accessory? Why do we wear them?

Although terrible, it can bring many benefits to the practitioner: long-term wearing can obtain the blessing of Shri Chitipati, eliminate the obstacles of poverty, eliminate great disasters and disasters, and prolong life.

Therefore, the skull head is favored by many Tantric Buddhists.

Thus more people are fond of skeletons!

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