Vintage Gear Linked Turbo Kerosene Lighter


Material: Brass. Zinc Alloy
Color: Gold/Silver e.g

Vintage Gear Linked Turbo Kerosene Lighter

In a world saturated with disposable lighters and sleek electric flames, a certain rugged allure whispers from the shadows. It's the call of the vintage, the echo of clinking wicks and the comforting weight of brass in your palm. And at the heart of this siren song beats the turbo kerosene lighter, a relic of bygone eras reborn for the modern adventurer.



Basic parameters-Vintage Gear Linked Turbo Kerosene Lighter

  • This product is suitable for people who like to pursue quality or have a hobby of collecting. Of course, its practicality is still used to light cigarettes.
  • Product Specifications

Material: Brass. Zinc Alloy
Color: Gold/Silver e.g

  • The fuel used in the lighter is the same kerosene as the ZIPPO lighter, and its main component is petroleum ether (C5H12, C6H14, C7H16)
    It is a light petroleum product, a mixture of low molecular weight hydrocarbons (mainly pentane and hexane), a colorless and transparent liquid with a kerosene odor. Insoluble in water, soluble in most organic solvents such as ethanol, benzene, chloroform, oil, etc. Mainly used for solvent and grease treatment, volatile and flammable. No butane can be added to our products.

Product Features

  • The grinding wheel ignites, drives the gears by mechanical principle, rubs the flint, and only needs to press the top cover, the ignition can be easily completed, and the large flame can ignite ordinary cigarettes, cigars, pipes, etc.
  • Please do not use too much dust, or prohibit open flames, and use it in flammable and explosive places. In addition, you can use it on various occasions. No matter where you are, people who see you will be interested in the lighter in your hand. And will give you more attention because their texture is unparalleled. It can be taken on planes, high-speed trains, and cruise ships.
  • To facilitate mailing, the lighter will not randomly distribute fuel, which is also convenient for customs inspection.
  • The lighters are made of genuine metal materials. Science has shown that brass will prevent the growth of bacteria. It is durable and beautiful. In addition, after a period of use, an oxide film will form on the surface of the brass, which will make the lighter. It will be more vintage and retro, if you don't like it, you can use an antioxidant to wipe it down.
  • Some lighters support lettering service, if the words have special meaning to you, please let me know, and I will try my best to serve you.
  • We will carefully check each lighter to ensure your safety during use. In addition, we will randomly distribute extra cotton wicks and flints, as well as a mysterious little gift, all of which is to thank you for your support to us.

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After-sales service

  • We assure you that we will have a free return service within 30 days. For details, please refer to our return policy.
  • If you have any questions, you can click here and fill in the form, or send an E-MAIL directly to I will answer your questions as soon as you receive the letter.
  • We will process packaging and delivery within 3-5 days of receiving your order. You can check the latest track of the package at Finally, I hope you have a pleasant shopping experience in SANDOCOW.

Beyond Butane: Why Kerosene Reigns Supreme

Forget flickering flames that sputter in the wind, forget disposable plastic destined for landfills. Kerosene lighters stand defiant, fueled by a timeless liquid that's readily available, endlessly refillable, and burns with a steady, windproof ferocity. Imagine crackling campfires lit with a flick of your wrist, a solitary cigarette enjoyed amidst a howling blizzard, or a birthday candle's glow brought to life by a trusty vintage companion. This, my friends, is the enduring magic of kerosene.



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