Hand carved skull Mastermind accessories 52*35*12mm

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What’s the point of the skeleton accessory? Why do we wear them?


Although terrible, it can bring many benefits to the practitioner: long-term wearing can obtain the blessing of Shri Chitipati, eliminate the obstacles of poverty, eliminate great disasters and disasters, and prolong life.

Therefore, the skull head is favored by many Tantric Buddhists.

Thus more people are fond of skeletons!

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Hand carved skull Mastermind accessories Mammoth ivory sandocow

Hand-carved skull Mastermind accessories Mammoth sandocow

Hand-carved skull Mastermind accessories

Purely handmade, the unique skull shape will become a rich collection of art value.

About the material.

No sale, no killing, the commodity is taken for the real thing! What you see is what you get! Price is the price! Don't bargain!

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