Hand carved wood skull beads-mechanical steampunk series-Single

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parameters: 23mm*17mm
Single weight: ±60g
Series weight: ±600g
material: Desert ironwood

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Hand-carved wood skull beads-mechanical steampunk series-Single

It's a hand-carved wooden skull bead inspired by steampunk.  It can be used not only as beads for bracelets but also as necklace pendants or decorative pendants such as earrings, key chains, etc. I will provide additional ropes and tools required for oxidized wood crafts. I will provide additional ropes and tools required for oxidized wood crafts.

Hand carved wood skull beads-Machinery series-wheel

Hand-carved wood skull beads-Machinery series-wheel

"Mechanical steampunk series"skull beads

Steampunk is a portmanteau of the words' steam and punk. Steam represents a variety of machines powered by steam engines and using mechanical transmission. Punk is a fringe culture that aims to transcend social norms and create a unique spiritual utopia. The spirit of steampunk is dystopian, with more nostalgia and fantasy than rebellion. Steampunk is a science fiction genre popular in the 1980s and early 1990s that features stories set in an overhead world where steam technology is at its peak. Such stories greatly exaggerate the technology of the more distant era of the Industrial Revolution, creating a technological world that is different from either the present or future technological civilizations, relying on simple mechanical devices.

Specific product parameters

Single product parameters: 23mm*17mm*22mm(L*W*H)

Single weight: ±60g

Series weight: ±600g

Hand carved wood skull beads width

Hand-carved wood skull beads width

Hand carved wood skull beads length

Hand-carved wood skull beads length

Hand carved wood skull beads height

Hand-carved wood skull beads height

Hand carved wood skull beads weight

Hand-carved wood skull beads weight

About the skull beads material.

Desert ironwood is one of the hardest and densest woods due to its slow growth. It is golden brown, with a deep entrance and yellow sapwood. The range extends from Arizona to the Mexican border. The ideal wood for knife handles is due to good polishability, high hardness, and durability. Density 1150 kg/m3.

Here, you can see some information about the material of the product.

Oxidation of wooden crafts-sandocow

Oxidation of wooden crafts-sandocow

How to Oxidize Wooden Crafts

Wooden handicrafts will be very beautiful after oxidation. An oxide layer formed on the surface of cultural relics due to prolonged oxidation. "Pulping" is actually "gloss", which refers to the formation of such a natural luster on the surface of antiquities after a long period. Porcelain, wood, jade, bronze, ivory carvings, literary play, calligraphy and painting, stele rubbing, etc. are all covered with pulp. Since the batter supports the years, the older the thing, the thicker the batter.

Wooden Skull Carved Crafts-sandocow-brush

Wooden Skull Carved Crafts-sandocow-brush

Simply and generally, if you want to make wooden crafts discolor, let it come into contact with sweat and grease, to speed up oxidation. If you want the surface of wooden crafts to be shiny, you must polish its surface with a brush, especially after contact with sweat, you must beat the work evenly with a brush, so as not to let sweat form a white sweat stain on the surface. White sweat stain affects the appearance very much.

Wooden Skull Carved Crafts-sandocow-Gloves

Wooden Skull Carved Crafts-sandocow-Gloves

In every wooden craft, we give away

The nano brush is used to clean the dust on the one hand, and on the other hand, is to make the craft quickly color. The bristles of the nano brush are relatively hard, and then the head of the bristles is relatively sharp, and the sharper bristles can penetrate the finer grain in the wood crafts. So this nano brush polishing and cleaning effect is very good.

A pair of gloves for wooden crafts, If you touch the sweat grease, then the volatilization of the grease in the wooden play will be limited! Lead to more and more black! So this category needs to wear gloves all the way to play, and there is a requirement for wearing gloves that are "completely isolated from sweat and grease"!

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