This is the most common cigarette in American movies, but no one has ever actually smoked it.

Release Date:Mar 2, 2023
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Morly cigarettes are one of the most popular cigarette brands in the world, but if you really buy Morly cigarettes on the street, then either you or the seller has a problem because Morly is a fake cigarette brand created by the American film and television industry.

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Until this day, Morly cigarettes have appeared in hundreds of movies and TV shows as a prop, and it is the preferred brand of fake cigarettes used by American film industry professionals.

If you see a handsome old guy in an American movie, he could be Marlon Brando, Leonardo DiCaprio, or Tom Cruise, but if you see a pack of cigarettes in an American movie, it’s almost always Morly.

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The first appearance of Morly cigarettes on screen was in Alfred Hitchcock’s movie Psycho.’ In the film, a psychiatrist played by Oakland introduced Morly cigarettes to the terrified audience for the first time on screen.

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This brand of cigarettes was made by the renowned Hollywood prop-making group EHP.

EHP are experts in making props, and in addition to Morly cigarettes, they are also skilled in producing fake alcohol, fake potato chips, fake license plates, fake friends, fake aliens, and everything else that Hollywood directors may need as props.

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Since its appearance in the 1960 film ‘Spellbound,’ Morly cigarettes have been like a camera-loving wanderer, appearing in various affluent or poor film sets, and burning in the hands of countless protagonists and antagonists.

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In the TV series ‘The Walking Dead,’ Morly cigarettes are like a spiritual nuclear bomb that humans use to fight against zombies, and they are almost as important as the bullets scavenged by the main characters from the supermarket.

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In ‘The X-Files,’ Morly cigarettes are closely associated with the iconic chain-smoking character.

Fans of ‘The X-Files’ often associate Morly cigarettes with the chain-smoking character. Morly cigarettes are to the chain smoker what the peach wood sword is to Lam Ching-Ying in Chinese ghost movies.

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In addition to that, Morly cigarettes can be seen in shows like ‘Criminal Minds’, ‘Breaking Bad’, and even ‘Friends’.

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In the United States, if you want to portray a tough guy in a movie, just have him smoke a Morly cigarette. 

“If there were no Morly cigarettes, Hollywood would lose half of its tough-guy image. A screwdriver can make the image of an American tough guy more complete, but only Morly cigarettes can establish the tone of toughness.”

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“Those in the know can tell that Morly cigarettes are essentially a complete imitation of the packaging of Marlboro cigarettes. This mainly serves the purpose of giving the audience a sense of identification while preventing tobacco companies from profiting from exposure fees.

In the era of “Psycho,” tobacco companies often invested in movies to get characters to smoke their cigarettes.

If you don’t pay up, you’ll never see your cigarettes burning on film.”

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At different stages, Morly cigarettes have different uses.   In later film and television works, Morly cigarettes saved the filmmakers the trouble of fighting with tobacco companies.   It is worth noting that many tobacco companies do not want their brands to be associated with villains who are trying to destroy the world, harass women, or eat free meals. In their minds, only protagonists are qualified to smoke real cigarettes, while those ambitious but unscrupulous villains can only smoke Morly cigarettes.

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After decades of ups and downs, Morly cigarettes have become an essential element in artistic works.

When a director wants to add a smoking scene in a shot, he or she will ask the prop team to bring some Morly cigarettes, just like how American police officers pull out their guns when they see a rapper. It has almost become a reflex.

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In fact, even in “Fallout 3” and the Polish game “Cyberpunk 2077”, Morly cigarettes can be seen.

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Famous screenwriter Effie Jason once publicly stated that the American film industry can no longer do without Morley cigarettes, and he and his colleagues feel the same way.

“Since the age of 25, when a Latin man sold me a pack of Morley cigarettes, I became completely addicted to it, even though I later found out that the pack of cigarettes was a handmade fake. But for Morley cigarettes, perhaps fake goods are more suitable for it.”

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