How to play the wooden collectibles

Release Date:Oct 20, 2022
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How to play the wooden collectibles? Detailed process:

Do not go into the water, do not oil, brush the collectibles, is how to play diamond collectibles points.

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So, how do you play wooden collectibles?

1. First, wash your hands, no matter what you do. Otherwise, the residual oil stains on the hands will be immersed in the collectibles so that the collectibles’ package pulp layer after layer is dark black, not to achieve the best effect.

Wash your hands and start playing nicely

Highlight statement:

No matter before or when the collectibles are playing, avoid water! Avoid big sweats! Not to mention washing in the water!

There are some unscrupulous merchants, the quality is not good, and the crooked way is to understand a lot, say as “bulging seconds sink” and other misleading words, over and over to novice brainwashing.

Then, you need a piece of wood.

Hold it in the palm of your hand, the other hand with the bristle brush, dry brush for a month, must choose the bristle brush, do not use wire brush oh!

There are tricks to the brush: brush, tap.

Brush away the outer coating layer and knock out the residue from the deep layer of the wooden artwork.

Please pay attention, do not put the wooden collectibles on the hard object to knock, collectibles in the hand to knock on it.

The best time for this phase is at least an hour or so a day to complete the initial cleaning (this is a rough time, not a stopwatch. Don’t get into it, people!) At the same time, use a crochet hook to clean up some stubborn residue.

Bristle brush dry brush

Put the hand on the hand, gently knock

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2, Then, about the second month, you can play with wooden collectibles.

The wooden collectibles begin to undergo the “oxidation reaction”, which should follow the seven-point brush three-point.

(I estimate that few people can strictly be by this time to play, originally this time is only roughly, and the density between each seed and other states can not be the same, depending on the situation.)

It’s not just a client relationship, it’s a friendly relationship.


3, In the process of wooden collectibles play, there is a certain chance of color difference.

Wood play color difference is a very normal phenomenon, this is due to the density of the seed is not uniform, in the process of playing some seeds colorfast, and some seed color slowly.

It is recommended that you do not get too confused, because even the same tree does not produce the same seed density.

The density of seeds is affected by many factors, such as environment, season, rain, and temperature, and the seeds of the same tree cannot all mature at the same time.

When THIS HAPPENS, MO Fang, it is not broken, you can break up a whole piece of wooden text play again string, the lighter color is worn in the most contact skin place, and the deeper string is less contact skin place.

So, after a while, the colors will come together.

Simply put, it is not dark only light.

Color difference to catch up to almost later, can not contact the skin, every day something has nothing to brush.

Finally, it is left for some time (recommended time is more than a month) to allow its “oxide layer” (coated slurry) to stabilize, after which it is considered to be a collectible.

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