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Handmadevintage brass lighter, smoking set, personalized ashtray, hand carved jewelry, wooden artefacts.

All product pictures on this website are taken in real objects.

steampunk skull sandocow

Pure hand carving, control every detail, unique skull shape, make you the most special among the crowd.

An ashtray with a whimsical shape that can be used as an ornament on an adaptive occasion.

Made of metal, the inflatable kerosene lighter is durable, can be refilled and used multiple times, and can be easily replaced with various accessories.

Our handicrafts are shipped free all over the world!

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The word "Bodhi" is the transliteration of Sanskrit Bodhi, which means enlightenment and wisdom. It is used to refer to people who wake up suddenly, suddenly become enlightened, burst into the way of enlightenment, suddenly realize the truth, and achieve the transcendent state. Bodhi is the ultimate enlightenment, the realization of the nature, the realization of the final light of the self, that is, the level of nirvana. Welcome to subscribe and join us, we want to bring Chinese traditional culture to the world!
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